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Olympic Mathematics / Young Writer Course
Olympic Mathematics / Young Writer Course
Olympic Mathematics Training Courses 奥林匹克数学班

* K1/K2 Foundation Level

* Primary Level 1 - Level 7

* Secondary Level

* Preparation Course for Competition

SIC has developed a systematic and challenging Olympiad Mathematics syllabus for students. This not only helps students to develop the skills needed in their core Mathematics studies at school but also helps to broaden their Mathematical horizons by introducing interesting and challenging concepts and topics that build on to their core Maths studies. Olympic Maths emphasizes problem-solving skills. We have carefully selected challenging problems from the topics which related to the Olympiad Mathematics. Understanding and practice is the key to success in Mathematics and our approach has proven to be highly successful. The students who attend our Olympic Maths courses improve substantially in their school Maths exams. Some of our students have even won Gold Awards in Mathematics competitions.


Young Writer Course

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