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Chinese/Shanghainese  Courses for Adult 成人华语 、上海话课程
Chinese / Shanghainese Courses for Adult

Mandarin learning requires that our clients maintain their interest & enjoy the learning process, our programme entail cultural notes, our teachers are native Mandarin speakers, bilingual, with many years experience of teaching professionals in Singapore.

Our clients are from Caterpillar, Fuji Xerox, Microsoft, Dell Computer, Citi bank Group, OCBC bank, Singapore Government Investments, OUB Investment, CapitaLand Group, Fuji Tech, NUS, NUH …… ect.

Business Chinese Conversation & Writing 商务口语和书写课程
  Elementary Spoken Chinese in Business - Special Terminology For Business, Economics & Trade; Functional Training。Speaking skill training of elementary business Chinese on words and functions. 40 units in all. Chinese words and expressions in business and trade are introduced in the form of vivid situational dialogues. Each lesson includes a text, new words, dialogues, notes, exercises and introduction of a main city of China.

Survival / Daily Chinese Conversation 日常实用华语课程


This Course is designed for foreigeners who want to use Chinese for their daily use. We teach in a fun and friendly way, introducing the basic Chinese language tools –Pronunciation, Radical, Stroke count, vocabulary, sentence patterns, Hanyu pinyin, and Chinese characters. Understand correctly and keep in mind the content of the notes. We also help students learn how to learn Chinese more effectively. The course have three level:

  1. Elementary Chinese Course 初级华语班
    40 lessons in total. The first 4 lessons focus on pronunciation (Hanyu Pinyin, To master initials, finals, tones, neutral tones, sentence stress, intonation, and changes of tones. To read and speak in basically correct pronunciation and intonation.).

    Each lesson consists of texts, new words, notes, grammar, pronunciation and exercises. Lesson 5 to Lesson 40 are practical dialogues and articles about the modern social life in China. About 1000 words are employed, most of which are included in Class A words (most active words) or Class B words in the Vocabulary Syllabus. The notes and grammar interpretation are plain and clear. Pictures, graphs, diagrams and formulas are used to ensure quick understanding on the part of the learner. Pronunciation training is the core of the first stage teaching and it runs through the whole course.

    The basic course enable the learner to master the fundamental knowledge of the Chinese language, to have the elementary ability of listening, speaking, reading, writing so that they are able to communicate with others to meet the needs of everyday life, study and sociality. This will lay a foundation for further study of Chinese.To meet the needs of everyday life and study, and understand each other in basic communication.

  2. Intermediate Chinese Course 中级华语班
    40 lessons in total, concentrating on the training of the comprehensive skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of intermediate Chinese. Each lesson consists of new words, a text, notes, key words, language points and exercises. Most of the words are active and less active. The texts are vivid, interesting and of various themes and styles. The materials are both modern and classical. They are both precise and interesting, and they attach importance to the comparison and intercourse between China and the world. The notes, practical and specified, are based on the learning targets and the difficulties in learning. They are designed for the integration of the grammatical system and the language knowledge. The exercises are designed according to the suggestive, inter-communicative and interactive principles.

  3. Advance Chinese Course 高级华语班
    30 lessons in total. 从各方面全面加深学生对华语的理解,特别是提高学生阅读和书写的能力,准确地把华语运用到生活、工作、商务活动中去。
Shanghai Night
Chinese Reading & Writing 华语阅读和写作班
  Read aloud the whole text with correct pronunciation and intonation. Memorize and be able to retell it. Be able to use the grammatical structures in sentences; and be able to learn by analogy and use the grammatical structures you know in sentences.
Understand the content of the text correctly and able to use the sentences from the text in daily life. Complete the writing exercises on your own after the explanation of the homework after each lesson.
HSK Training Course 汉语水平考试(HSK)培训课程
  Preparation course for HSK tests
Introduction to HSK and several sets of simulation tests equivalent to the elementary-intermediate level. The tests cover all the characters, words and grammar points in Word and Character Syllabus of Chinese Proficiency Test and Grammar Syllabus of Chinese Proficiency Test.
Shanghainese & Haipai Culture Course 上海话和海派文化课程
  Learning by heart the correct pronunciation and meaning of the new words in every lessons. Be able to say the affirmative-negative question with correct intonation. Programmes are offered for the person who wish to study the different dialects, custom and cultures of Shanghai minority nationalities, to visit and study the natural geographic landscapes and vast geological structure and to learn about Shanghai economy.
Customise Executive Chinese Course 量身定做的特别华语课程
  We provide best teachers and teaching materials for the different students who need special field of Chinese study. We will customize the course process, studying timetable, specialized materials……
Private Chinese Tuition 成人华语个人或小组学习
  We have both group and private Mandarin class.
Comprehending text, and using the sentences in the text intelligently under similar language environment.
Corporate Chinese Training Programmes 公司、集团华语培训
  Teaching material will focus on basic and special vocabulary / term used related to each corporate background.

Mastery and fairly use of key words and expressions. Improve your listening comprehension and pick up words of vocabulary and Cultural Knowledge about China or other related provinces.

Chinese Training Courses in Shanghai 在上海学华语

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