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Chinese Tution for Students中小学华语补习
Chinese Tution for Students


  Our educational philosophy is simple; creative, busy ,motivated children are happy, successful, confident children. In a stimulating and supportive learning environment both academic excellence and social development are promoted. We attend to personal indivdual needs, and aim to bring out the best in our students so that they will fit effortlessly into an increasingly international world community.
  Teaching 我们提供优良的师资
  Our teachers are qualified native speakers of Chinese and have a wide base of skills and interests, which are used to enrich the quality education provided to your child/each individual. Our very small class size and high teacher/student ratio means that all students get lots of personal care and attention, in all subject areas.
  Enrichment Activities 我们培养优秀/国际化的华语精英
  Here is a selection of some of the extra learning opportunities we have provided, both within the school day and outside of school hours:
We aim to produce confident, articulate and able students, outstanding international citizens of the future.
Intensive Hanyu Pinyin Training 快速精编汉语拼音课程
  This course is aimed at teaching children Hanyu Pinyin for Chinese pronunciation and the four tones by the means of plenty of pronunciation drills.
Chinese Courses for pre-school children 学前华语预备班
  Kindergarten students are presented with a wide range of stimulating activities and lessons; Speech & Drama, oral & writing skills are covered. According to readiness, students experience some academic work. Interesting teaching materials are very much a key part of the pre-school programme.
  1. Chinese language Course 华语全能预备课程
    The course is an elementary Chinese programme designed especially for the teaching of Chinese to children of pre-school age.

    We teach Hanyu Pinyin & Chinese pronunciation skill first; the correct pronunciations and writing of new words, understand the meanings and parts of speech of the new words. Be able to extend the new words: use words in phrases and then in sentences. Be able to write the new words from memory. Then deal mainly with basic sentence patterns which are simple and easily understood by children.

    The Course takes a practical approach, presenting the children with words and phrases most useful in their every day life. Our teaching materials are in the form of dialogue, enlivened with riddles, Tang Poems, nursery rhymes, games and drawings. After completing this course, children will have a basic knowledge of the Chinese language, thus laying a solid foundation for future study of the Chinese language.

  2. Young Talent Enrichment Course 小天才百科益智班
    Fun and interesting lesson to improve Chinese and knowledge of the world:
    • Humorous and helpful illustration
    • Kaleidoscopic range of topics quenches the childs' natural thirst for information
    • Whisks the child off on a joyride through the world of knowledge and imagination
Primary School Chinese Tuition 小学华语补习

Elementary students are presented with a wide range of topics and challenges, but the basics are not neglected. Comprehensive work, testing and revision maintain high levels of achievement.
Course included teaching on the following :
Revision of school syllabus;Usage & expansion of phrase & vocabulary; Learning by heart the correct pronunciation and meaning of the new words in each lesson. Listening comprehension; Oral / strengthening verbal abilities; Combining, completing & forming sentences; Comprehension; Picture / guided Composition; Understanding & reviewing newspaper articles and etc.

  1. Excellent Higher Chinese Class (“ SAP” School student)
  2. Chinese Enrichment Class
Secondary School Chinese Tuition 中学华语补习
  1. Secondary Excellent Higher Chinese Class
  2. Secondary Express Intensive Class
  3. Chinese Essay Summary Course

Small Group Tuition For JC Students

School Holiday Tuition Courses
Holiday Shanghai Chinese Cultural & Training Trips

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